With only bodyweight exercises, you can achieve a gritty physique

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Most guys looking to get fat think weightlifting is the best way to go. However, if the goal is to build a strong body, the most important thing is to perform the right types and levels of bodyweight exercise.

Why Gymnasts Are So Attractive Bodies

Ask male and female friends what makes them most attractive. A lean and toned body is often the most desirable. You want a body that is both not too big and not too small. Now ask them who they think looks best, a gymnast of a bodybuilder.

It is likely that you will receive a response that a Gymnast has the most attractive body type. Gymnasts have a slim and natural appearance that allows them to wear stylish clothes, while still looking athletic. It beats the bloated and puffy bodybuilder look Online Präventionskurs.

The Weight Training Myth

Weight training can be a confusing term. Most people associate dumbbells with weight training and think of dumbbells as the best way to gain muscle. While magazines and bodybuilding competitions may promote the notion that weight training is the only solution to getting ripped, reality is that it’s possible to get in shape without lifting even one dumbbell.

How to Get a Body That Looks Like a Gymnast

It is obvious that a gymnast depends on his body to build a strong body. You won’t be seeing them do bench presses for hours but you will notice a strong upper body, which would make even the most fit guy at your gym blush.

Focus on the right type of exercises that look like what they do during competition if you are looking to gain a body as good as a gymnast. One example is the pommel horse. Gymnasts spend most of their time using apparatus such as parallel bars, rings, parallel bars and parallel bars. This is a good idea to include in your workouts.

The Right Bodyweight Workouts

These exercises are great for strengthening the core muscles, especially the back, shoulders, chest, arms, legs and chest.

Back Exercises

Pull Ups. Chin Ups. Parallel Chin Ups.

Shoulder Exercises

Hand Stand Pushups and Hand Stands. Dive Bomber Pushups

Chest Exercises

Triangle Push-Ups: Push-Ups. Decline Push-Ups. Push Ups.

Biceps & Triceps Exercises

Parallel Bar Dips – Triceps, Chin Ups – Biceps, 1 Arm Chin Up – Biceps

Legs Exercises

Bodyweight Squats, Bodyweight Jump Squats, Pistol Squats

Core Exercises / Abs

L- Sit Hold, Lying Leg Raises, Hanging Leg Raises

This will ensure that you are not doing the bodyweight exercises on the exact same day. Split your workouts up to three to four times per week.

You can also divide your workouts in this way: do upper body work one day, follow it with a lower core and body intensive workout the second day. After resting for one full day, you can do an upper body day and then do a lower core and body workout the third day.

Two exercises can be chosen per muscle group to maximize results and prevent overtraining.

I recommend sets of between 3-4. To build muscle, you might consider doing 6-10 sets. If it is hard to complete this many reps, you can try to do as many set as possible. You’ll find that you can do more with your strength.

To get lean, you don’t have to use weights. With the right training and exercises, you can quickly learn how to become a gymnast.





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