What Is WhatsApp? How It Works, Tips, Tricks, and More

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Most people, especially some business owners see WhatsApp as a platform only for chatting with friends, and families and having fun. That is not all to WhatsApp, WhatsApp can do so much more for your business than you could ever imagine. The API itself is free to apply for, but you need to connect it to your existing business communication platform, which will charge you fees for their service. The API itself is also in a restricted beta mode at the moment, so you need to apply to WhatsApp for access. The app allows users to upload their contact book and message anyone who has the app installed, at no cost. In any individual or group chat on WhatsApp, you can send voice messages — a convenient feature if you’re not able to type text, or if you prefer to record your voice to get your point across. You can send text and voice messages to family and friends from the “Chats” screen.

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Does WhatsApp Make Money?

To save time and energy, instead of sending messages to about 300 people individually, using broadcast Lists you can send messages to these 300 people at once. Based on customers’ feedback you can adjust your messaging strategies. If customers are asking for product information, guide them through it.

WhatsApp stats you probably didn’t know

With its Quick Replies features, customers won’t have to wait longer before they get a response to their questions. To effectively manage and handle customer queries or complaints. Make sure your website, contact Us section, Facebook Business Page, and all your social media channels have your WhatsApp business line attached to it. Try staying in touch with your customers after they might have purchased from you.

Integrating Whatsapp with CRM software

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app that is constantly updated with new features making communication easier. The app has changed the way people interact with each other, especially with friends and families that live in another country. It makes communication among colleagues, friends, and families easier and more convenient. The good news is, there are other apps out there that can easily replace WhatsApp and still provide users with the secure messaging services that they need.

You can send catalogs, images, videos, etc to customers based on their purchase history or interests. To provide streamlined communication with customers and manage relationships effectively, you should integrate your WhatsApp with CRM software. Unlike WhatsApp API, CRM is built with email as their main communication channel although some support native WhatsApp integration. A 5-7 hours delay doesn’t seem like a real conversation, imagine a 24-hour delay, your customers might think you aren’t on duty or maybe Your business is no longer online. According to a study, 71% of customers think that a quick response can improve their experience. Try to respond to your audience on time to avoid losing that lead to your competitors. Customers yearn and long for the personalization of messages.

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