The Bedouins

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They Bedouins belong to the Arab people living among the deserts North Africa and Arabia, an area located in west Asia. They are able to speak the Arabic language, and, just like those of the early Jews or Hebrews from The Old Testament, they belong to the Semitic race. They’re a little under average height, and have large hair, coarse, and black and dark eyes. They also have dark skin tones. The males wear a cotton shirt that extends to the knees, and opens at the neck. The waist is covered, and over the shirt they wear a large leather belt, or the girdle.

If it gets cold at night, which it is often the case in the desert and deserts, the Bedouin wears an untidy black or black-and-white stripe cloak that is made of hair of a camel. His hat is black or red-and-black striped fabric folded in one piece and secured by an elongated rope made of hair of a camel around the head. Women wear open-toed pants and a long-sleeved shirt and over it is a large strip of blue fabric which covers the head as well as all body. It also trails down the ground behind their heads. Children don’t wear any clothes up to the age of seven. It is believed that the Bedouins include shepherds as well as herdsmen who have herds of sheep and goats. They are nomadic, or wanderers, who don’t remain in one spot for long, and move around with camels in search of grass for their flocks Bedouin tent.

Once there isn’t any grass or forage at one spot the Bedouin move to another area in the desert. The place of residence for Bedouin is a large tent. Bedouin is a big tent that measures 8 feet in height and 20 feet in length. The cover of the tent is made of the hair of a goat dyed in black, and it is stretched across a couple of poles. The sheik’s tent or chief of the tribe , could be as long as 40 feet. The majority of the time, there is a section that is closed off to females and the children. A mat or rug is laid out on the ground within the camp. The cooking is outdoors over open campfires.

Every family includes three or four pots, along with a couple of wooden dishes and bowls. They purchase milk and meat from their herds. They purchase rice, vegetables and honey from cities of Arabs located near the desert. They also eat the massive grasshoppers, or locusts, of the desert, as well as certain species of lizards. The majority of them are uninformed and do not know how to read or write the Arabic language. They are extremely patient, have a good amount of endurance and can live with a very limited amount of water or food when needed.

Every Bedouin has a gun and dagger, and a majority of them have long lances that they use with great care. They all believe in the Mohammedan religion, however they do not focus too much on the religion. In their faith, men can be married to more than one woman, and some of the wealthier Bedouins have more than one however, the majority are not wealthy enough to support two wives. Ladies are treated as equals, but have to work hard at making meals and baking bread, weaving fabric on looms, making tent covers, and performing other chores around the house and the husband is in the tent, smoking his pipe.





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