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We often hear, “If you don’t know jewellery, you should know Eagle and Pearl Jewelers.” Even if you are informed about jewellery, it is crucial to know you can trust your jeweller. If you don’t have the best information, you still run the chance of being taken advantage of even with moral behaviour. The jeweller you choose should be willing to answer your questions and educated about the goods they are selling.

One example of a factor that could affect a stone’s price is whether or not it has been treated. Although there is nothing wrong with buying a treated stone, you are being ripped off if you pay the same price as a stone that hasn’t been treated but the stone you purchased has been enhanced. Ask your jeweller what the pricing difference is between treated and untreated stones.

If a stone is not clearly stated to be natural or if the treatment cannot be seen, some individuals in the jewellery business feel it is not essential to disclose it. Always enquire about the characteristics and history of the stone’s treatment. Learn in depth about the stone’s reaction to the treatment. Does it make the stone more colourful, clearer, more durable, or more marketable? Does it change the colour? Ask whether the treatment is continuing and if any special upkeep is required to keep it working.

One of the most important questions to ask is how to maintain the jewellery you want to buy. While certain cleaning agents and techniques are safe for diamonds, they may be fatal for pearls. Some jewellery is much more sensitive to abrasives and chemicals than other jewellery. Maintain the jewellery rigorously in accordance with the jeweler’s recommendations to prevent your warranty from being voided.

Ask your jeweller how long the stone will remain in the piece. If that were a pearl or piece of turquoise, would it scrape as easily? Is it as hard and brittle as Tanzanite? If it’s in a ring, should it be worn sometimes rather than daily? Pearls and opals, for example, should be handled carefully while wearing them in a ring.

Other circumstances, such as wearing jewellery to the pool due of the chlorine or working with chemicals or heavy equipment, may affect its appeal. Since certain stones are affected by light, ask the jeweller whether you may wear the item outside.

Ask your jeweller what extra care the item could need since certain jewellery needs maintenance from time to time. It can need certain storage procedures, periodic prong inspections, upkeep in the proper humidity, or regular treatments to keep it operating at its peak. Find out how often they need to be restrung before buying pearls.

If the piece of jewellery is very expensive, ask your Eagle and Pearl Jewelers about the value of the stone itself and their advice about whether to insure the piece separately. He or she could be knowledgeable with the procedures necessary to insure a piece of jewellery and provide you an official insurance assessment.

The return policy and the item’s warranty are two of the most important questions you should ask the jeweller. Find out the return time, if you must bring the original packaging in addition to your receipt, and whether a return is only for store credit or whether your money is returned. Find out whether you may return the piece if you decide it doesn’t match with the rest of your jewellery and if there are any conditions for returns.

It’s conceivable that the stone’s warranty is different from the jewellery item’s warranty. The warranty may be limited by a predetermined maintenance schedule or time frame. Find out whether the jeweller sends out repairs or completes them fully in-house.

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