Roof Cleaning – How to Remove Moss and Algae From Your Roof

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Fungus and moss are the most frequent growths that are seen on roofs. The likelihood of the fungus and moss that is found on roofs when there is no humidity because these types of growths are attracted by humidity. Fungus and moss growth can make roofs appear unclean and could lower the value of your home as well as appearance. The growth of fungus and moss appears as dark streaks across the roof, and it can spread quite quickly. The fungus and moss aren’t harmful to asphalt roofs that are singled however, because they’re visually unattractive, homeowners tend to are reluctant to remove them. Cleaning the roof is a risky job that should be handled by professionals who specialize in Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia. DIY homeowners with previous had experience working on roofs under dangerous conditions should exercise extreme caution when attempting clean their roof. While cleaning a roof effectively eliminates the majority of fungus and moss and fungus, they tend to come back within a couple of months.

Power Washing- Will It Damage Your Roof?

Some homeowners utilize the power washer to wash their roofs. There is some debate about the possibility that power washing asphalt shingles is damaging to the shingles, causing leaks. If handled with diligence, a gentle power washing every year won’t cause damage to a roof with asphalt shingles. The issue is that the majority of homeowners who opt to use a power washer do not take their time and let water to penetrate the shingles, and then leak into the house. Additionally, if the pressure washer isn’t directed at a downward angle the force of the machine could cause the shingles’ to break or become loose. If it is held down as well as at least 6 inches from the shingles’ surfaces the power washer should not cause damage to your roof. But, using the power washer more often than once per year could cause damage or reduce the life span of asphalt roofing.

How to Clean Your Roof

Cleansing your roof using an item for roof cleaning and a garden hoses is the most effective solution for washing your roofing. There are many products made specifically to eliminate algae stains on roofs. Follow the directions for applying these products. Prior to cleaning your roof, call the manufacturer of the shingles that are on your roof to find out whether they have any specific cleaning guidelines.

Homemade Roof Cleaner

Create your own roofing cleaning recipe by mixing trisodium phosphate (TSP) with bleach and water. Mix 1 quart bleach, 1/4 cup TSP, and 1 gallon of water. Put it in the spray bottle and spray on those affected. Make use of a pump sprayer on large roofs or roofs that have lots of fungus and moss. Let it sit on the roof for around 15 minutes. Clean it off using an outdoor hose.

Oxygen bleach can be utilized instead of the mixture described above. It is famous for its ability to lighten the stains. The use of oxygen bleach generally involves some scrubbing. However, it is effective for tiny areas of growing fungus or moss.

Roof Cleaning Safety

Like all roofing projects taking the proper safety precautions is crucial. If possible, don’t do the work by yourself or at the very least, ensure that someone is aware of your plans to be working on the roof.

  • Wear safety glasses or goggles.
  • Wear work gloves.
  • Wear shoes that are non-slip like rubber-soled shoes.
  • Use a safety belt.
  • Ensure your ladder is strong and safe.



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