Prospect Identification Technology for Mapping Insurance Agency Websites

Admin/ September 2, 2022/ Business

Marketing at insurance agencies is undergoing an evolution of sorts, moving away from the past of purely reference-based marketing and face-to-face networking, to an updated digital, marketing-based strategy. It’s not to say that networking and reference selling are passed, but rather agencies that want to increase growth must enhance these traditional methods with enhanced efficiency and greater capabilities of web-based marketingwhat technology made it possible to create up to date maps.

One of the most important components of a complete web insurance marketing strategy is to start with an updated professional, efficient website. If the site is an open source site with an easy-to use CMS the agents are usually in a position to make basic changes quickly and effortlessly by themselves which is a better way to make sure that the contents are current and pertinent. Alongside up-to current content and a modern appearance and feel it is also possible to use a brand modern and cutting-edge technology that can be applied for insurance company websites that is known as prospect identification mapping (also called visitor mapping IP mapping, visitors ID). This technology lets insurance companies to gain knowledge about:

Which organizations or companies go to their websites?

The location of the location of the (division or branch) visiting

The keywords used by companies to locate the site

The first page they go to (landing page)

The pages that follow them

Duration of a visit by page

The time of day when visitors arrive

The historical metrics of visits

Although Google analytics gives some basic data in relation to the above metrics but a reputable prospect identification mapping software will do a better at this. The estimates of data collection differ based on the mapping database used and types of businesses or organizations that agencies target. It is estimated that as high as 75% of the businesses that visit the insurance agency’s site can be identified. However, it is crucial to differentiate the business that visits against an individual, from the identified business who has visited the agency’s website. While a reputable prospect identification mapping system is typically able to do a excellent job of identifying the business or business visiting, it cannot determine the visitor. It does not identify the Mike Jones from Smith & Jones Widgets is in the area. It will state it is Smith & Jones Widgets in Boston, MA is visiting the insurance site, and will include all the statistics mentioned above.

The prospect identification mapping provides valuable insight into the website’s user behavior, the content of interest as well as blog efficiency, the effectiveness of the blog, keywords that are used to locate the website and other crucial information about insurance agency website marketing. Although, some of this data is accessible in Google analytics as well as other analytic tools. However, prospect identification mapping software can add value to various website analytics tools. The technology assists agents in determining potential prospects that are interested in their organization and also determine if prospects in their insurance pipelines have visited their site.

Certain of these prospect mapping tools provide immediate lead alerts. For instance, “Smith & Jones Widgets from Boston, MA is on your website now”. They also provide the option of reporting on demand for the day month, week or even year. A few include a dashboard that allows for customized visitor identification reports that includes scheduled or automated reporting. In the event that insurance agency websites become more and more essential to the marketing strategies of insurance agencies agents must consider the inclusion of an identification mapping solution for prospects to increase the lead generation capabilities of their websites.




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