Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs – Which is best for you?

Admin/ October 4, 2022/ Business

What is the difference between Synthetic Fibre Wigs and Human Hair Wigs?

Both Human Hair Wigs (and Synthetic Hair Wigs) have many advantages and disadvantages. Human hair Wigs have been considered superior products in the past and they still have some advantages over synthetic fibers. Modern fibre technology allows for a more affordable but still very real alternative to the ever-expensive glueless human hair wigs.

Human Hair


They can be styled with heat irons or hair dryers, giving you greater control over the way your wig looks. You can also dye the wig or put highlights/foils through it. However, you should take care when doing this. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional with experience in handling wigs.

The Hair’s natural and soft feel gives it a more authentic look and feel. Natural hair doesn’t have the shine of synthetics.

They last significantly longer than synthetic fibre hair wigs, if properly maintained and cared for. Some people even wear them daily, reporting that their wigs last up to a year.


It is more difficult to maintain a wig than synthetic ones. Because the hair can dry out, the styling heat and styling tools require extra attention. The wigs are also more likely to be damaged by brushing, so they will need to be maintained by a professional wig maker.

These wigs require more styling because they don’t retain their styling as well synthetics. If you want the style to look curled or wavey, you will need to recurl your hair after washing.

Synthetic Hair


Synthetic wigs cost less because the fibre is simpler to produce, and so are cheaper than good quality Human Hair.

New advances in fibre technology have made synthetics look almost natural. Without closely inspecting the wig, people often struggle to tell which is which.

Synthetic wigs need less maintenance. People with severe medical conditions are often too busy with their own treatment to have the time to care for Human Hair Wigs. Synthetics offer the convenience of “wear-and-go” and need only light combing every now and again.

Humidity and dry conditions are not as detrimental to synthetics. The individual hair fibres may be stronger than the Human hair.


It is possible to style synthetic wigs with limited styling abilities due to excessive heat. Anything above 60oC will cause damage to the fibre.

Synthetic fibre is more vulnerable to abrasion, and will need to replaced more often. This is usually between 4-6 months, as opposed 9-12 months for Human Hair wigs.


Both Human hair and Synthetic fibre wigs have pros and cons. It all comes down ultimately to your personal needs, your budget and the time you have available to care for the wig.




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