How to Care for Thin, Curly Hair: My Products and Rituals

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You can also blow dry hair with your head flipped upside down to make your hair look more voluminous. Stringy hair may look greasy and lifeless, even if it’s actually clean. Here we’ll talk about what causes stringy hair and how you can style your hair to make it look fuller and healthier. We loved how well this lightweight formula lathered, but it didn’t impress us in terms of its cleansing and oil-reduction capabilities. Just a quarter-size amount of the formula creates tons of bubbles and an intense lather that’s satisfying to massage across the scalp, leaving it feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Lastly, we love that it features a spa-like earthy scent that’s not overpowering.

Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Shampoo

If you have red hair, you should not use any shampoos that are labeled “clarifying” or “detoxifying”, warns Perry. The easiest way to keep red hair from fading is using a gentle, hydrating shampoo and conditioner that’s formulated specifically for color-treated or red hair. To keep up color maintenance, you can also opt for color-depositing formulas. It’s also highly suggested to rinse with cool water after shampooing and conditioning, since warmer water can cause the outer cuticle layer of your hair to open up and the color molecules to slip out faster.

Alyssa has been a commerce writer at Byrdie since 2022, where she covers all things beauty. If you notice that your hair has become prone to breakage or that you’re losing more hair than usual, it’s worth mentioning it to your doctor. Hair loss is normal for many men and women, but it can sometimes indicate an underlying health condition.

Known for chic branding and elevated formulas, Nécessaire has nailed it yet again with this shampoo. Though a fragrance-free shampoo might sound boring to some people, it’s a dream for those who are headache-prone, suffer from allergies, or prefer their perfumes to be the star of the show. The texture of the formula is rich and gel-like, and we were incredibly impressed by how well it lathers.

It’s perfect for when you just don’t have time to get a wash in in between everything else on your to-do list, but you still want to give your hair a boost. As mentioned, dry shampoo comes in many different variations, including aerosol, spray, powder, and foam — and the specific type you use does make a difference.

Best Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Red Hair

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Six months ago, I put up a story on Byrdie about how I’ve cut my morning hair routine down to five minutes. I also filmed a Facebook Live video, where I challenged myself to go from bedhead to presentable with a five-minute timer running. “Just like the face, some people are naturally oilier than others and can get buildup after a few days of not washing,” says Dhaval G. Bhanusali, M.D., FAAD, board-certified dermatologist in New York. Thinner hair is more susceptible to damage from heat tools like blow dryers and curling irons, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them altogether. Always remember to use a heat protectant before applying heat to the hair, and try to use a repairing mask to help with any damage. I’ve had issues with tangles and hair fall-out for a while, mostly because of the fragility of my ends. The only thing that’s ever truly made a difference is my Tangle Teezer.

Per Fowles, there are plenty of reasons why someone might invest in a dry shampoo that aren’t just limited to convenience. This product acts as a shield, preventing hair from damage and breakage while also acting like a pre-styler. We love the hardworking properties of Dove Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray. If you want to, you can also add in a detangler or hair protectant after towel drying. Then, make sure to apply the shampoo to your entire scalp and crown. If you own your home, you might consider getting a water softener for your whole home. If you rent, you can install a water softener shower head, which contains carbon cartridges to remove excess minerals and purify your water in a cost-effective way.

It’s silky, velvety, and made from camellia oil, which provides deep nutrition to the hair fiber, as well as an enveloping, sensual scent. From there, I let my hair air-dry and do its thing, flipping it from side to side with a quick scrunch all over to add lift (a helpful technique I picked up from celebrity hairstylist Vernon François). Klorane uses an extract from the rhizomes of the greater galangal plant as an emollient to naturally remove flakes. Lactic acid is the other key ingredient in Klorane Balancing Shampoo with Galangal for Flaky Scalp.

You may want to try keratin treatments if your hair is thin in terms of density on your head and is curly, frizzy, coarse, or damaged from color or bleach. Fine, straight hair may not need keratin, and other volumizing techniques may be useful. Hair stylists and product manufacturers generally recommend keratin treatments for coarse, thick, frizzy, or curly hair.

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