How Much Does Kiteboarding Gear Cost?

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If this is the case you may be underpowered and therefore the kite needs to travel a long way before generating any lift. With the kite now moving back above and behind her, Karine is ripped off the water. Before taking your first lessons there are a few things you can do to prepare. These are the ideal conditions that are best and easiest to learn in. Very few places in the world actually offer this though it is possible to find at certain destinations during certain points in the year. Countries such as the Turks & Caicos, Egypt, Mozambique, and others can match the above ideals.

How to Kite Surf

Encountering different conditions and challenges will make you a more well-rounded kiter. The amounts of different equipment out there in the kitesurfing market might confuse an individual to which equipment is essential and needed to learn the sport. You will soon realize that there is a lot to learn and that you will not master kitesurfing in a day or overnight. For that reason, let’s take a look at exactly how much time does it take and how does it cost to learn kitesurfing.

Your motto whilst riding should be “LOVE THE BAR”, as it’s all about intimacy, so get your hips up and close to the bar, hmmm. If you don’t fancy the idea of getting carnal in rubber, imagine that your keys have come loose and are sliding down the back of your wetsuit (apologies if you’re kiting somewhere warm). Rather than loose them to Neptune clasp them between your buttocks and hold on tight . All your weight, and all the power from the kite can only get to the board via your feet, so they need to be right. Regardless which way you are going both feet should be pointing out and away from each other, heels close, toes apart.

The reason is simple, kiteboarders use a harness that distributes the load across the hips instead of the shoulders, lats, biceps, triceps and forearms. The most common question asked to a kitesurfer is some variation of “do you need a lot of upper body strength to kitesurf? ” I get asked this all of the time when I ride up on shore at the beach with my kite in one hand and my board in the other. For a downwind body drag you start with your kite at 12 o’clock and place your body on your belly in the water. Now slowly create a steering motion between 10 and 2 o’clock.

A kite is a kind of kitesurfing sail, similar in some ways to a parachute. Without it you can’t do this sport — you just can’t fly anywhere. And, just like in many other sports, kites come in many types. Once a proficient kiteboarder, you will spend more time riding the board than walking.


If you increase the action you are increasing the momentum of the kite. The kite always wants to go to the front side so if you turn the kite, the direction changes. If you stop steering the kite will kitesurfing undervisning continue the direction, till it can’t go any further. A lot of time wasted walking, but unless you have someone pick you up in a buggy or something, that’s an unavoidable part of the learning process.

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By following these steps, and practicinga lot, you will be riding the waves soon. One of your first goals when learning a power kiting sport is learning and mastering kite control and flying techniques.

But take caution if you’re a beginner because a wrong stance can just as quickly worsen your condition. Kitesurfers with “average” weight need at least 12mph of wind speed to surf in the first place. For kitesurfers over 200lbs, the wind speed needs to be at least 15-16mph. Be sure to choose a kite size that is appropriate for the wind speed in the area. You only need a good set of equipment and practice along with critical factors such as the correct wind speed, direction, etc., to try high jumping during your next kitesurfing outing. The height of a kitesurfing jump depends on a number of factors such as wind speed, wind direction, posture, near-perfect control, good kite, and luck. The trick to jumping high is almost always changing – the highest jump until 2017 was only 93ft compared to 114ft in 2021.

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