Game Controller – Stimulating the Hand Technology

Admin/ August 5, 2022/ Business

Game controllers are an input device used to play video games.

They are linked to an electronic game console or computer that is used to control the movement or actions of an entity within the game. A game controller does not have to be limited to joysticks, but keyboard and mice can fulfill as an game controller.

There are a variety of game controllers that are available in the market for electronic hardware. The most popular types are game pad paddles, joysticks, steering wheel for driving games, a light gun to shoot games, motion sensor, and other types. Certain devices, like mice and keyboards, are input devices that are generic and are not only limited to gamer controllers.

Because of the advancements in technology in the electronic market games, the game controllers are now obsolete and have forced game controller manufacturers to create new and more efficient game controllers into the marketplace. The Wii is a Wii Video Game Console lets players play any game with their hands to play on the screen. This console unifies the latest ZCam camera, an 3D camera that can be connected directly into a computer. The Zcam is able to emit short pulses of infrared light and afterwards, it measures the reflections of the object. The advanced software algorithms perform the task of interpreting the reflections so that it can determine the distance and secernation between different objects, and even the hands of a person.

Because it’s entirely depended on the reflection of light that comes from the camera it requires sunlight to function which allows the camera to function effectively in dark rooms and also. This technology is able to be applied autonomously to existing software. This software is able to key into the hands of the gamer, and even between fingers, and run a variety of programs according to what the user is doing with their hands, head, fingers or torso.

The software focuses at present on video games and how ZCam technology might be able to make an impact on the market for traditional interfaces.

This product is identical to Sony’s Eye Toy However, the eye toy functions only in 2D only, which means it limits their use for games such as boxing, for example. The issue with 2D can be that it can detect movement only when it’s in the direction of the player. It is unable to detect motion when the background is yours.” With the benefits of apps beyond video games the product is technologically advanced and could be incorporated into an existing product.Following the example of Nintendo’s motion sensitive Wiimote controller for the Wii video gaming console that was a hit across the globe and is now available in the US, this Zcam 3D camera also aims to push the technology category ahead even more.

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