Degaussing: what is it and how does It work? VS Security

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Let’s hope he doesn’t mean this, and that DBAN asks you which drive to erase. Meantime, though, I would not yet dare to try DBAN. Also, it takes a strong magnetic field inside the drive to actually erase the data on the disk.

This procedure, which was customary in the First World War, was, however, quickly cracked, as the Allies had excellent cryptoanalysts, who were only concerned with converting encrypted information into legible text. As a result, mechanical processes were developed and rotor cipher machines were built, with different substitutions being possible for each letter. The best-known of these machines was the Enigma used in the Second World War, which was considered uncrackable. However, it did not take long for this encryption method to be cracked by the enemy. “You really create conditions for an escalation of an arms race in cyberspace that really could come back to haunt the United States in the long run,” Deibert said. “There’s a demonstration effect. The equipment, the software, the methods, the capabilities proliferate.” Deibert says U.S. reluctance to use offensive cyber has vanished.

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There is nothing I haven’t tried to erase clean my hard drive. Or just encrypting the hard disk and throwing away the key. That works, except the a drive wipe can’t completely wipe a system drive that’s in use. For that you need to be able to boot from something like dban. I’m thinking to purchase the “Ironkey D80” that seems to be… if the access fails it automatically overwrite the full existing content. The reason of my contact is because I’m not too sure that this will be so effective as they say and would like to know if you have any option about this or can recommend better solution.

How to crack encrypted files

Read more about Nsa listed electromagnetic degausser here.

I frequently receive a computer/laptop from people I’m helping, especially when they are buying a new device. If I keep the device I can install a new OS on the drive. IF I am donating the machine to a local used computer store, I take the drive out, take it to my drill press and drill through the drive and donate the machine. When I gave my brother my old computer, I created a new user account and deleted the other account. That way most, if not all of the user-created data is deleted and recovering any traces would require some serious computer skills and he has trouble with the basics. When I sold a laptop, I reinstalled Windows from the reset disc I created when I installed Windows the first time.


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