BD-Micro Syringes & Needles

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BD-Micro syringes and needles are used in the treatment of diabetes. These syringes and needles come in a variety of designs. Some of the needles are BD

Microlance(tm) needles, BD Micro-Fine(tm) needles and BD Micro-Fine(tm)+ needles. These needles come in both pen and syringe styles. The syringes can be used to deliver insulin to the body. BD Micro-Fine(tm) syringes can also be used to inject insulin into the body.

BD Microlance(tm) 3 Needles

BD Microlance(tm) 3 Needles are hypodermic needles that feature a thin wall and larger lumen to increase the rate of flow during the collection and injection processes. They are ideal for intradermal and subcutaneous injections, and are available in a range of lengths, gauges, and bevel designs. They are manufactured by Becton Dickinson and Co. Ltd. and come in packs of 100 needles. They are widely used by healthcare professionals in first aid. They are also commonly used by diabetic patients to administer insulin.

BD Microlance Stainless Steel Needles feature a polished surface, which ensures a smoother insertion. This design also reduces the risk of punching. They are also color coded to help physicians easily recognize the needle guage. They are compatible with Luer slip syringes, and have a unique slip angle to help ensure less discomfort for the patient. BD Microlance Stainless Steel Needles are also individually wrapped for convenient and clean insertion.

BD Micro-Fine(tm) Pen Needles

BD Micro-Fine(tm) Pen Needles are specially designed to offer a more comfortable and less painful experience for injections. This new needle technology has been clinically proven to improve injection comfort for patients with diabetes. It uses a five-bevel edge to make the surface thinner, flatter, and smoother, creating a more comfortable injection experience. These new pen needles are also easier to insert.

Patients who experience pain during injections are more likely to skip an insulin injection or not adhere to their insulin injection regimen. These problems may also increase the risk of hypoglycemia. For this reason, bd microfine 30g 0.5ml technology may help patients stick to their insulin injection regimens and improve their overall health. These needles are also compatible with most medication pens. They can be used by adults and children. There is also a BD Autopen, which is compatible with Humaject and Novo Pen Systems.

The BD Micro-Fine(tm) 4mm Pen Needle is designed to provide equivalent glucose control for all body types. It features Pentapoint(tm) technology, which reduces the skin penetration force by 23% on average.

BD Micro-Fine(tm)+ Needle Set

BD Micro-Fine(tm)+ Syringe & Needle Set is a great choice for diabetics looking for a set that can provide a high level of accuracy while delivering a precise dose of insulin. The set includes a syringe and needle that are designed to work with all pen injectors. These needles are single-use and require minimal effort to use. They are also available in three different needle lengths.

With the SuperFlow(tm) technology, the NovoFine(r)+ needles reduce the amount of force required to deliver an injection. The needles are also thin and provide improved flow rates. This means that users will experience less pain, fewer needle sticks, and more accuracy in their injections.

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